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Ball, Dr Martin - The Spirit Being of Salvia Divinorum



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Sage Spirit - Salvia Divinorum and the Entheogenic Experience – Dr Martin Ball

One must recognise that the Sage is its own spirit – it has its own quality and character.  The Sage is not the Mushrooms and vice versa.  They are different spirits, but they both open you to the same reality.

This reality is the reality of symbols that transform themselves in the spiritual world.  As I thought the other day, there’s no such thing as something being only a symbol.  Symbols are the true reality.  Symbols are real power.  The Sage and probably most mind manifesting substances, opens one to the unfathomable depths of symbols.  In the contemplation of symbols, there is Gnostic revelation.  The Saging is a revelation of things hidden, or things below the surface, of things felt but not understood, of dream images flowing from the psyche ...

................In these stronger experiences there is also often the sense of a dominating presence in the sage experience.  This presence, which feels like the spirit of the sage itself, will often give instructions or make judgments about the experience, such as to smoke more, or now is not the time, or remember this, or think about that etc.  Whether the actual spirit of the sage or not, the impression is that these thoughts are coming from outside and that the one under the influence of the sage is merely picking up on transmitted information or communication

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Ball, Dr Martin

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