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Mutwa, Vusamazulu Credo - Expunges demons



Type of Spiritual Experience


The source is strictly speaking the girl, but I have grouped this under Credo because he was able to 'exorcise' the demon.  There are then two sets of mechanisms at work - the angst of the girl and Credo's activities.

The girl is exhibiting psychokinetic skills

A description of the experience

Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa – Zulu Shaman [Dreams, Prophecies and Mysteries]

There was another case of a young girl who was possessed by very rambunctious spirits; things would fly around the room and break on the walls or floor, or furniture would move.  One time a piece of crockery, a blue mug, somehow lifted up from its cabinet and came out of her locked house where it was being stored and smashed against her head.  It was a very astonishing thing, because someone recognised the mug, and we went round and found the exact set from which it was missing in the locked house.  We had her surrounded by sangomas, and we all combined our powers to work with this spirit that was very strong and very violent.  When it came out, there was a stink like I have never smelled before, a truly horrible stench that filled the air.  But after that things were more quiet around that young woman

The source of the experience

Mutwa, Vusamazulu Credo

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