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Farrelly, Frances - Meteorites and missing people



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There are some quite fun things going on here.  All of them being achieved via bridges.

The photo of the boy will have been provided by the mother and this will have acted [because it will have been handled]  as the bridge to the mother and from there mother and son will have been closely connected, so complex bridge work, but bridge work just the same. 

In the second example  she is reading the minds of the scientists who have handled the rock sample.  The danger of this latter approach of course is that the scientists will have gone away thinking their guess was confirmed by a ‘psychic expert’.


A description of the experience

CBird:  Have you ever used your technique outside the medical field?

FARRELLY:  I've located lost objects and missing persons.  I should say that, to me, a very important fact in this work is the purpose or intent of the client.  In my opinion, this has a great deal to do with success.  For example, when someone hides something and asks that I locate it, I'm not really turned on to the task because I know they already know where it is.  But if it is a real challenge — being truly helpful instead of just demonstrating — I get turned on.

CBird:  What have been some of your useful cases in searching for missing people?

FARRELLY:  Just recently, a woman called me to say that her son had gone out in a boat and not returned by nightfall.  The weather being bad, she was worried and asked me if I could say where he was.  I got a map of the Tampa Bay area and taking a photo of the boy, I ran through a number of questions and put an "X" mark on a sand bar off a small island.  That's where the Coast Guard found his boat stuck with the boy still in it.

    Then at the First International Meeting for Psychotronic Research, held in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1973, some of the Czech scientists who had heard me lecture asked me to tell them the age and origin of a small mineralized sample they'd brought with them.  I sat down at a wooden table and within about three minutes I told them it was three million, two hundred thousand years old and came from a meteorite.  They confirmed that, according to the best judgment of their experts, both my answers were correct.

CBird:  Do you think your technique can be taught?

FARRELLY:  I think so.  People have varying grades of psychic ability which they can be taught to use effectively.  A lot depends on their interest and devotion.  I'd like to see many people trained.  Children are especially gifted but need training to develop their gifts.  Unfortunately, the gift is usually trained out of them just as it was with me when I was a child.

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Farrelly, Frances

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