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Previn, André – Work as a Pianist



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Doris Day , Andre Previn - Duet - Full Album - Vintage Music Songs

Duet was a collaborative album by Doris Day and the André Previn trio, with songs arranged by Previn.
Track list :

1.Close Your Eyes (Bernice Petkere) 3:14
2.Fools Rush In (Rube Bloom / Johnny Mercer) 3:55
3.Yes (D. Veronica Langdon / André Previn) 3:28
4.Nobody's Heart (Lorenz Hart / Richard Rodgers) 3:57
5. Remind Me (Dorothy Fields / Jerome Kern) 4:03
6. Who Are We to Say /Obey Your Heart (Gus Kahn / Sigmund Romberg) 3:04
7. Daydreaming (D. Veronica Langdon / André Previn) 3:11
8. Give Me Time (Alec Wilder) 3:31
9.Control Yourself (D. Veronica Langdon / André Previn) 3:00
10.Wait Till You See Him (Lorenz Hart / Richard Rodgers) 3:08
11. My One and Only Love (Robert Mellin / Guy Wood) 3:43
12. Falling in Love Again (Frederick Hollander / Sammy Lerner ) 2:55

Wikipedia - Work as a pianist

In the mid-to-late 1950s, and more recently, Previn toured and recorded as a jazz pianist. In the 1950s, mainly recording for Contemporary Records, he worked with J.J. Johnson, Shelly Manne, Leroy Vinnegar, Benny Carter, and others.  An album he recorded with Manne and Vinnegar of songs from My Fair Lady was a best-seller.

As a solo jazz pianist, Previn largely devoted himself to interpreting the works of major songwriters such as Jerome Kern (recorded in 1959), Frederick Loewe, Vernon Duke (recorded in 1958), and Harold Arlen (recorded in 1960).

Previn made two albums with Dinah Shore as arranger, conductor, and accompanist in 1960, and another, "Duet", with Doris Day in 1961.  He collaborated with Julie Andrews on a collection of Christmas carols in 1966, focusing on rarely heard carols.

Previn has recorded solo classical piano compositions by Mozart, Gershwin, Poulenc, Shostakovich, an album for RCA Victor with violinist Erick Friedman of the Franck and Debussy violin sonatas, and many chamber works for piano.

Dizzy Gillespie has stated,

He has the flow, you know, which a lot of guys don't have and won't ever get. Yeah. I heard him play and I knew. A lot of guys, they have the technique, the harmonic sense. They've got the perfect coordination. And, yeah, all that's necessary. But you need something more, you know? Even if you only make an oooooooo, like that, you got to have the flow.

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Previn, André

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