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Farrelly, Frances - Sensing the sadness in a ring



Type of Spiritual Experience


The ring is the bridge and the perceptions of the former owner have been imprinted there

Kay is a code name used in Dr Karagulla's book for Frances Farrelly.


A description of the experience

Breakthrough to Creativity – Dr Shafica Karagulla

On one occasion when I was sitting with Kay in a restaurant she turned to me and said, "Your ring distresses me very much. It has a feeling of great sadness about it." The ring I was wearing contained a small moonstone in a simple setting. I had had it from my student days. It had been given me by a friend and certainly had very pleasant asociations as far as I was concerned. It appeared to be a very old stone with a face carved on it which in time had worn away until the face was hardly noticeable unless one looked at it very closely, in the right light. Kay said that the stone in the ring gave her a tremendous sense of loneliness and grief. She wanted to shed tears and was swept by waves of desolation.

Later on I was talking with another sensitive who had the gift of ‘psychometry’ [reading the perceptions imprinted on objects]. I casually handed him the ring and asked him what his impressions were. He said, "There is deep feeling connected with this ring. Someone died, there was parting and great loneliness and sorrow."

About a year later I was doing some experimental work with Laura, a psychometrist well-known in this country and in Europe. At the end of one of our sessions, I handed her the ring and asked her to give me her impressions. She said, "It has belonged to someone else. Was it a present to you? Long before you had it a man gave it to a woman. I want to burst into tears. I don't care any more. I feel as though everything is lost. I have lost someone whom I love. Yes, I get the feeling that this ring was given to the woman in a warm country a long time ago. It seems like Persia, or maybe India."

I found that in the experiments with psychometry a few general facts emerged. Objects with strong emotional associations appear to be more easily evaluated than those with no emotional tone. Objects that have been used during rituals and religious ceremonies appear to the psychometrist to have much stronger energy patterns than ordinary objects belonging to the ordinary individual.

They have a much stronger energy pattern than similar objects that have not been used in such ways. For example, a cross used for many years in a church brings out more pictures and impressions than one that has belonged to an individual person.

Metals and gems, according to the psychometrist, hold energy patterns of events connected with them better than other types of material. Paper alone does not seem to "hold" impressions very well. On the other hand, letters that carry an emotional charge do hold the pattern of events and are usually easily psychometrized. Letters written with pencil seem to be better objects for psychometry than those written with ink.

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Farrelly, Frances

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