Spiritual concepts


Psychometry is the name given to the ability to read the perceptions of an object.  The object is then also the bridge.

In effect, by using objects such as clothes, rings, pots, necklaces, figurines etc it becomes possible to tap in to imprinted perceptions.  Inanimate objects can 'store' perceptions.  If you look at the explanation for Perceptions - what has perceptions, you will see that everything has perceptions, because as this is a 'software' universe, everything has a log.  The more accessible perceptions are usually those which have been laid down at a time of high emotion from the people that have handled them.

The ability to read those perceptions is obviously not given to everyone, but some people have it.  This I have explained in the section Perceptions - accessing perceptions.

It is a form of inter composer communication.  But, it is a highly special one, as to be able to read the perceptions of an inanimate object you are using the composer of the substance as a whole.  Inanimate objects do not have consciousness, so do not have an individual composer, but they do have a 'group' composer related to the substance they are made of.  As such this is in some senses a form of Substance guide communication, but It is not direct in any way - you never actually communicate with the composer directly - see the elf of the pot!!


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