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Ossowiecki, Stefan - the stolen documents



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Mary Rose Barrington, Ian Stevenson and Zofia Weaver, A World in a Grain of Sand: The Clairvoyance of Stefan Ossowiecki,  2005.

Case 3: The stolen documents-l927 (Gravier)  Reported by Alfons Gravier. Sources: Revue Metapsychique 1927, No. 4; this account forms part of a long article by Osty.

A theft was committed recently at the Central Savings Bank, Warsaw: it consisted of the disappearance of an important collection of high-value share certificates that a client had left on deposit.

Three women employees who were responsible for the deposit were presumed guilty as soon as the disappearance became known. [Ossowiecki, moved by their plight, agreed to help them.] His great reputation as a clairvoyant immediately secured the assistance of the police authorities at the bank.

He went to the building and was shown the place where the stolen share certificates had been. He ran his hand over the surface of the safe where the certificates had been kept and then said:

"I am there at the scene of a crime. A man comes into this room. He starts to sort through the documents kept here. He leaves some behind. He puts others into a briefcase. Then he leaves the building without being stopped. It's an hour after closing time. He himself must be an employee, because no one is surprised that he is there. I see this man so clearly that if I encounter him I shall be able to recognize him."

Ossowiecki suggested going round the office with the authorities, as he thought he would be able to pick out the guilty man.

The next day, without attracting any attention, and acting as if he were simply on a visit, Ossowiecki went all round the offices. There came a time when he found himself confronted with the man he had seen in his vision. Discreetly he signaled to the police authorities who accompanied him.

An immediate search was made of the man's lodgings. There they found the stolen share certificates. The thief was arrested. The vindicated women were reinstated in their employment.

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Ossowiecki, Stefan

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