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Farrelly, Frances - Mexican figurines frighten mice



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If the perceptions of the people using the figurines had been stored by the figurines [like a silicine chip] the mice may have been able to read those perceptions.

The observation was made when Frances Farrelly was working in the Arthur Young Institute - see sources.

The source was the mice!  But I have no type of source 'mice' so I have attached the observation to Frances

A description of the experience

FARRELLY:   We did many other interesting experiments with plants and small animals.  One of them was to see if some ancient Mexican figurines would have any effect on mice.

    One of these figures was eighteen or so inches tall with a fluted neck.  I connected it by copper wire to a mouse cage, the statue being three feet from the cage.  The mice in the cage immediately got agitated.  They would crawl under the paper in the cage as if trying to hide.  After about two days, half of the tail of one mouse fell off and even more strangely, its ears developed fluting on their edges.  While keeping two more mice under constant observation, we were able to flute the ears on them as well.  (See pictures of mouse and figurine.)  I took these mice to a nationally known laboratory at Bar Harbor, Maine, where they raise mice and asked if the ear fluting could somehow have been caused by the mice scratching or biting.  The laboratory experts said they'd never seen anything even closely resembling the fluting.  They had no explanation for it.

    We took other figurines and tried out their effects on mice.  One of them caused pregnant mice to abort.  I later found out that the psychic Fredrick Marion, author of In My Mind's Eye had ‘psychometrized’ [tried to find out what perceptions had been imprinted] some of our figurines and had 'seen' a group of people potentizing them for various uses.

The source of the experience

Farrelly, Frances

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