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Ossowiecki, Stefan - reads Mme Geley's letter



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 Mary Rose Barrington, Ian Stevenson and Zofia Weaver, A World in a Grain of Sand: The Clairvoyance of Stefan Ossowiecki,  2005.
Experiment 7, 23rd and 24th September

Following dinner at a restaurant I gave M. Ossowiecki one of the letters that Mme. Geley had prepared for him, contents unknown to me. He said:

'This is a letter from a lady. It's your wife. It consists of compliments and an invitation. I'll tell you more exactly tomorrow. You keep this letter."

The next day, at Prince Lubomirski's, I gave it to him again. Here are its contents and the record of M. Ossowiecki's words:

Monsieur Ossowiecki
I congratulate you on possessing such marvelous gifts, and I cordially thank you for giving the Doctor an opportunity to study you.  I hope that you will soon give us the pleasure of coming to see us in Paris.  Meanwhile please accept with my compliments my sincere good wishes.
Yours sincerely
A. Geley
Paris, 22nd August 1921


'A lady ... years of age (here Mme. Geley's exact age) wrote this letter.  The letter is addressed to me. It is an affectionate sort of letter. It expresses her feelings of admiration and good wishes.  One of her daughters was at her side while she was writing. It was written on the second floor. The lady looks tired.  She wrote this in the office where there are chairs covered in dark leather.  The letter was written on 22nd August. This lady, in her admiration for me, is happy to know me, and expresses the hope that she will see me soon. The letter was written between 4 and 5 o'clock in the evening.'

Everything was exactly right, except for the chairs covered in dark leather.  These chairs exist, though in an adjoining room. But it is to be noted that Mme. Geley had spent the greater part of the day in that room. The letter was indeed written between 4 and 5 pm. on 22nd August, on the second floor, in the presence of one of my daughters.

Mme. Geley was in fact very tired that day.

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Ossowiecki, Stefan

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