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Ossowiecki, Stefan - Helping to catch a murderer



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Mary Rose Barrington, Ian Stevenson and Zofia Weaver, A World in a Grain of Sand: The Clairvoyance of Stefan Ossowiecki,  2005.

Missing persons - Case 1: Seeing a murder - 1924 (Szpyrkowna);  Reported by Maria Szpyrkowna. Source: Jerzy Jacyna, Fakty i Legendy, 4/4/71.  The source of this story, cited by Jerzy Jacyna, is Maria Szpyrkowna, secretary of the Psychophysical Society. It is one of several accounts in which Ossowiecki gives a vivid description of a violent crime.

In1924 Ossowiecki was asked for help by a Rabbi whose 74 year old daughter, Rebecca, had failed to come home after attending school in a neighbouring town.

"I see clearly.... The little brunette with the briefcase is hurrying home. There is somebody behind her, following silently in the dark. A terrible man. He is carrying a suitcase, and in that suitcase he has a rope, an axe, an iron wrench ... not in the suitcase, in his pocket ... he hastens his step to catch up with the girl, he sighs and moans. He asks politely if she could carry his suitcase for a little while, he says he is very tired and ill, he limps. He is in a hurry to catch the train, but he cannot walk any faster with the suitcase....

"She takes the suitcase from him. They walk together, the girl in front, the man limping behind. They enter a small wood; seems to be next to a cemetery.

"What I see now is terrible. The man approaches the child silently, reaches into the pocket of his coat, takes out the iron, hits the girl on the head from behind. The child falls in the grass unconscious. This is dreadful. He throws himself on his victim tears her dress, drags her into the bushes.... He rapes her. I cannot watch any more."

We later found out that the description given by Ossowiecki to the Rabbi's representatives of the murder scene and the place where the girl was buried was accurate. He had also said that the burial place would be easy to identify, as a piece of the victim’s red skirt was sticking out from under the earth. He also gave a detailed description of the murderer, and said that he got on the train and went south.... The murderer was caught shortly afterwards.

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Ossowiecki, Stefan

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