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Ossowiecki, Stefan - the letter from Spain



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Mary Rose Barrington, Ian Stevenson and Zofia Weaver, A World in a Grain of Sand: The Clairvoyance of Stefan Ossowiecki,  2005.

The experiment took place on 29 October 192  A sealed letter, written in Spanish, was sent from Spain by D T Cobo Marinex to D Sokolowski for a clairvoyant test with Ossowiecki. . . . As usual Ossowiecki gave a very full description of persons, places and circumstance surrounding the creation of the drawing.

'A letter from Spain ... I see a yellow-white house, two story, entrance through a small garden, and on the right a lot of greenery, stone stairs around, entrance on the right hand side. The house of a man of modest means. Then a moment in the study, when he is writing this letter, not a letter. A small dark-haired man, an open forehead, very lively, dressed in black, six o'clock, a hall next door. His wife passes, he is upset by a terrible tragedy, he has lived through the loss of a child, a girl. His wife expects another. A boy has been born already, they wanted a girl.

Masses of books around, leather seats, not new. When he was writing this letter, a man entered, they talked. Next to the study a narrow vestibule, from there a tiny hall, glass verandah towards the garden, lots of flowers and greenery.

'A strange child next to them. The wife is 32, dark hair, pointed nose, dressed in black, something black hanging from the neck-these are dice.

"The master, the doctor, he has scissors on the table; he is cutting up paper, holding papers. It is not a letter, only something written down. A man of science, studies a lot, has a number of degrees, has encyclopedic knowledge.  He has approached the table and he begins to write, he is bent. He is cutting bits of green paper, the seal ready on the table. I see what and how he draws.  He wanted to draw a circle within a square, then a face, and he finished with a point." (Ossowiecki draws.) He gets up, lights a cigarette and comes back to the table, he picks up a pencil or a pen and writes a question, draws an enormous T.  Here he writes something, two questions, questions about the paranormal. He asks me if I believe in telepathy. At the top it is written in French. There is someone else in the room, an older man. The question: 'Croyez-vous a la telepathie?'  The second-do I believe in life after death? The apartment has four, six rooms."

When the envelope was cut open, inside was found a sheet of white paper, folded in two, covered by three rectangular sheets, two of which were green. The drawings and the sentences written on the white sheet correspond in the smallest detail to the drawing by Ossowiecki [p. 94].

The documents were sent to Martinez, who wrote back to the Metapsychical Institute and to Ossowiecki, who cites from the letter to himself;

"Everything that you saw, apart from a leather armchair, is totally accurate."

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Ossowiecki, Stefan

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