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Mushrooms, Belladonna & Brugmansia - Being in a barrow



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Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


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Sensory Illusion Destroyed - Mushrooms, Belladonna & Brugmansia - by The Craic SOURCE EROWID

Everything was what it is not and could possibly be... I grabbed Isa's foot at one point, totally convinced that it was something of mine that I needed to hold onto. Every time we tried to talk or I tried to say something the words came out all jumbled and slowed down. I could hear the words in my head but couldn't speak properly. All I could managed every now and then was the odd 'huhhhnn not far now, where?hnnnnnn'

All this from one bottle, I hadn't even opened the other one yet!I was attempting to speak to Isa but all I could ever muster was the beginning of a sentence and not the end. Isa is a master shaman in the making so seeing me (somewhat, his apprentice) in a state of no control was quite strange. ……………

Just as we were about to leave because it was so cold and wet I started actually breaking through the barriers I wanted to remove. All over the barrow, paintings started to appear, the most beautiful and archaic cave paintings in a neanderthal style. They were crude but somehow in their childishness made all the more special. I tried to motion to Isa that the room was covered in detailed ultra-psychedelic imagery. All over the walls and dark shadows there were intricate layered patterns of what I can only describe as insect wings.

The pictures moved and swayed with some ancient energy and my inner mind became acutely aware that I was not merely 'hallucinating' I was SEEING the cave paintings before the barrow was destroyed. They depicted the most wonderful romantic scenes of the hunt, a shaman, witches, wizards, communities, villages, barrows, aliens and spirits.

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