Symbols - What does heaven look like


Insects as a group, have no symbolic meaning, but they are often the presented form for the spirit being of a pharmaceutical or drug of some sort.  If you are taking or have taken a pharmaceutical which is acting on your system negatively then the ‘demon’ can present itself as an insect – there can be demons that take the form of dragonflies, scorpions, often large, some ‘sting’.  The more artificial the pharmaceutical the more demonic looking the insect is and often the more aggressive it can be.

This should be treated as a warning to lay off the medicines.

But butterflies, moths and spiders have their own distinct symbolism, thus it is worthwhile trying to identify the insect, as if it is readily identifiable it may have a specific symbolic meaning.

The Caterpillar or centipede also has its own symbolism, connected with the Chrysalis and the  Cocoon.

The Cricket is also unrelated to pharmaceuticals or drugs, as is the Glow-worm and the Grasshopper.



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