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anon279651 - Post 114

I've had these hallucinations for as long as I can remember. It's so comforting knowing that other people have them, too.

Usually I will see some type of insect in my room, either a spider, wasp, or large bug. Sometimes there are frogs, aliens, or people. There have been frightening and disgusting ones. It is quite annoying, especially when you "wake up" and run out of your room because you see and hear a large wasp in your room.

I wonder what the meaning is. I read a lot of people have similar hallucinations: a figure in your room or some type of insect. It is very interesting but frustrating at the same time, because I try to explain it to people and they think I'm crazy.

Recently there was a man in my room, dressed like he was painting something. He was staring up at my ceiling fan. I was staring at him for a while, waiting for him to turn around or something. But he just floated up into the sky. It was weird. I definitely prefer little frogs instead of men in my room.

I wonder if anything will ever be discovered about this. It's surprising to see how many people have the same problem. Maybe one day someone will know why and help us. Best of luck to everyone. Stay safe

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