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Tripp, Peter



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Number of hallucinations: 1


Long term this had an effect on his personality. Trip’s wife said he was now moody and depressed. He fought with his boss and was fired from his high profile job as a radio DJ and he went on to have four divorces

A description of the experience

One of the best documented cases of sleep deprivation and the effects it can cause was that of Peter Tripp, who set a world record for sleep deprivation in 1959. He went for 201 hours (8.4 days) without sleep. He spent most of the time in a glass booth in Times Square, and the rest in a hotel room across the street, set up as a laboratory to monitor his reactions.

Tripp was forced to use stimulants to stay awake, and after three days, he had become confused. Then he started to hallucinate. He saw bolts in the window frames, patterns - like cobwebs on the doctors' faces. He saw insects on the table where there were only paint specks. Over time they took over so that they became totally realistic, he saw mice and kittens scurrying around the room

Eventually, Peter Tripp became wholly irrational – without reason. He rummaged through drawers looking for non-existent money. He then claimed he was not Peter Tripp but an imposter. Nothing made sense to him. On reaching his 200-hour target, he finally entered a deep 13-hour slumber.

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Tripp, Peter

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