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Spider dreams 'so frequent that I'm not really even afraid anymore'



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I have been having these for many years, myself. I don't believe I'm bipolar whatsoever, as some others suggested. I have had some weird sleeping patterns on and off over the years, generally due to long work hours. Even when I'm exhausted, I'll try to stay up at night just to have some time to myself without having to think about work. My brain is constantly going full speed.

My dreams, for many years (over 10-15 years) generally involve seeing a spider coming down from the ceiling directly above my chest. I generally wake up and can vividly see the spider, and since I was a kid, I have not been a fan of them, so my instinct is to kill it immediately. As afraid as I am, when I'm in this mode for a few seconds after waking up, I have no fear because I'm literally grabbing it now with my bare hands to just squash it. When awake, I try not to "kill" anything. I respect all living things.

Quite recently, as in the last few months, the dreams have started to vary. I still have the spider dreams, and while generally it's the same black spider, I had a white one come down. Then oddly, the next day when I opened my back door (not in my dream, in real life), this amazingly cool looking white spider had created this huge web and was directly in the center of it. I let it be, and did not disturb it. I'd like to provide some more detail on the varying dreams in case anyone else is experiencing similar ones. Oddly, a day or two after this, when I was awake and thinking about these dreams, a different spider came crawling from under my couch into my view by my feet, then as I looked at it, it just crawled back under the couch. I don't usually see any bugs in the apartment even when I'm awake - not in the corners or anywhere. So to me this was odd, and it was very real (unlike the ones in my waking dreams).

My instincts tell me that the varying ones have only come since losing two people close to me (my grandmother from my father's side, and a good childhood friend). Here are the varying dreams:

I woke up to see an oval shape above and ahead of me about 8-10 feet that had a glowing whiteness on the edges. The middle of it was pretty dark, and I could not make out any face/person/animal, as suggested on this thread. Again, my instincts immediately thought of the ones who recently passed, but that could have just been what I "wanted" it to be since nothing else could explain it. I'd like to think I have people watching out for me in a good way, and I have verbalized this now to my spouse.

About a week later, I woke up and vividly saw two sharp knives hovering over my chest. There was no person or hands attached to them, but they were certainly angled in a way that, had someone been standing over the side of my bed, they could simulate holding onto these knives with their hands held somewhat close to one another. I still vividly remember the knives, and they are similar to one I have in my kitchen.

Additionally, just as I saw the knives, I also quickly noticed in the right-hand corner of my bedroom, I saw/felt a similar energy to the one that I mentioned previously. It was not really a bright outer edge, and this was much smaller. It was like the size of a bowling ball, but not a perfect roundness.

I am sure I have more that I could remember and say, although primarily it's the spider dreams that have been going on for as long as I can remember. It's so frequent that I'm not really even afraid anymore. I am trying to think of spiders as my friend at this point, since nothing bad has really happened to me.

I'd love it if this article went into more depth around this. While I now have a definition for it, I still don't have any better explanation than what my own instincts tell me. Thank you, nonetheless, for providing a better answer than what most "dream" sites have told me

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