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Cayce, Edgar - Out of body to a patient



Type of Spiritual Experience


Despite the title of this observation and the doctors' assumptions it is not totally clear whether Edgar did go out of body to see patients.  He had no need to as he could communicate with other composers to obtain the picture they presented.

But it is an option. 

It also calls into question what out of body really is.  We know the conscious self passes control to the composer during an out of body experience, but Edgar was unconscious so in effect his power of making decisions was passed to his Higher spirit.  This may also be what happens during dreams of this type.  An interesting observation for this reason

A description of the experience

Edgar Cayce – Joseph Millard

The doctors' committee was constantly being stunned by Edgar's uncanny power of clairvoyance. "The more we study you, the less we know," one of them said, "but it's obvious that something goes out from you during those trances and actually visits the person you're reading. The other day, you described the room where a woman lay down to the last detail of wall colour, furnishings, and decorations. You even told who manufactured the bed and bedding. We checked, and you had it absolutely right. Apparently your spirit or subconscious can go anywhere it wants to."

Edgar said wistfully, "I wish I didn't have to be asleep every time it happens. I've always had a yearning to visit strange places."

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Cayce, Edgar

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