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Cayce, Edgar - Treats Italian royalty



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Edgar Cayce – Joseph Millard

Dave Kahn told the story of Edgar Cayce to an Italian consul while abroad. The consul carried it home and, presently, Edgar was staring in bewilderment at a letter written in Italian, on the impressive stationery of the Italian royal family. He finally took it down to an Italian fruit peddler for translation.

The peddler looked at the letter and was almost rendered speechless by his awe. A man who bought fruit from him was being petitioned for medical help by a member of Italian royalty. He was so impressed that Edgar invited him to attend the reading-reading 459I - 1.

Gertrude gave the opening suggestion, stumbling a little over the strange name and address. Edgar began to talk rapidly, and the peddler shot to his feet, wild with excitement. This reading was pouring out of Edgar's mouth in fluent and flawless Italian.

Gertrude halted him with the suggestion that the reading be given in English. He switched immediately and began again in his normal manner and language.

The peddler went away shaking his head in wonder. He bothered Edgar for a long time by insisting on speaking Italian whenever Edgar stopped to buy fruit.

Some time later, part of a Cuban reading came out in perfect Spanish, but was hastily corrected to English. There were a few other instances of "speaking with tongues," but they were rare.

Apparently the power, like Edgar himself, had an aversion to the dramatic.

The war years brought many changes in Edgar and in his use of the gift within him. As it expanded, so did his acceptance by the public. Sometimes he and Gertrude would be stunned by the names that showed up in their daily mail. One of America's top steel magnates, a leading automobile manufacturer, a U.S. Senator, a famous movie producer, a leading Hollywood actress, heads of a dozen major industries- turned to Edgar Cayce for help.

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Cayce, Edgar

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