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Lincoln, Abraham - Nettie prophesies Lincoln's death



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And now comes one of the most fascinating observations on the site. 

President Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, ‘a well-known actor and a Confederate spy from Maryland’.  This is the official version.  But Booth never joined the Confederate army, it is not even sure he was a Confederate.  It is stated that ‘after attending an April 11, 1865, speech in which Lincoln promoted voting rights for blacks, an incensed Booth ..became determined to assassinate the president’.  This is the official version.

But even the official version states that Booth was not  a lone assassin – he had help.  “learning that the President, First Lady, and head Union general Ulysses S. Grant would be attending Ford's Theatre, Booth formulated a plan with co-conspirators to assassinate Vice President Andrew Johnson, Secretary of State William H. Seward and General Grant”.

Without his main bodyguard, Ward Hill Lamon, who was replaced at the last minute, Lincoln left to attend the play Our American Cousin on April 14. Grant, along with his wife, chose at the last minute to travel to Philadelphia instead of attending the play.

Now does not this sound a dash suspicious? Grant at the last minute leaves the scene.  It gets more suspicious.  Lincoln's replacement bodyguard, John Parker, left Ford's Theater during intermission to join Lincoln's coachman for drinks in the Star Saloon next door. The now unguarded President sat in his state box in the balcony.

Seizing the opportunity, Booth crept up from behind and at about 10:13 pm, aimed at the back of Lincoln's head and fired at point-blank range, mortally wounding the President.

After being on the run for 10 days, Booth was tracked down and found on a farm in Virginia, some 70 miles (110 km) south of Washington, D.C. After a brief fight with Union troops, Booth was killed by Sergeant Boston Corbett on April 26.  So the troops had the order to kill him to ensure he couldn’t give any information about the assassination.

Nettie had no links with Booth, she only had links with the President and those round him.  Her ability to jump bridges would only have been possible with people the President had formed strong bridges with himself.  Someone close to the President knew of this assassination and someone close to the President may even have planned it.

Was this prophecy or was it some very clever bridge work?  I think it may have been the latter.

A description of the experience

Ruth Montgomery – A Gift of Prophecy

The last time Nettie saw the President he wanted to know what her "friends" were saying now. He had just been re-elected, and she told him:

'What they predicted for you has come to pass, and you are to be inaugurated the second time.  But they also reaffirm that the shadow they have spoken of still hangs over you."

Lincoln rather impatiently replied that he had received letters from mediums throughout the country warning him of a dire plot against his life.

"But I don't think the knife is made, or the bullet run, that will reach it," he scoffed. "Besides, nobody wants to harm me."

Miss Colburn retorted that therein lay his danger – his overconfidence in his fellow men. With a sigh he replied:

"'Well, Miss Nettie, I shall live till my work is done, and no earthly power can prevent it. And then it doesn't matter, so that I am ready; and that I ever mean to be.”

Six weeks after his inauguration he was assassinated by actor John Wilkes Booth. 

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Lincoln, Abraham

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