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Heywood, Rosalind - The Infinite Hive - I do wonder why I'm shaking like a jelly



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Rosalind Heywood – The Infinite Hive

Another new type of experience arose through a visit with Mary to a friend of hers, whose ESP, she said, was at least as good as her own. I was partly intrigued, partly reluctant, for from what I had heard I had snobbishly pictured the friend as a Holy Crank.

A huge fire made our host's room very hot, yet I refused to take off my heavy fur coat, an unconscious gesture, I expect, of dissociation from Holy Crankhood - and a silly one, for the friend turned out to be a gentle kindly man. However, keeping on my coat did draw my attention to an experience which otherwise I might have failed to notice. They gave me a chair by the fire, where for a time I sat quietly alone as everyone knew everyone else but me. Soon, to my surprise, I noticed that although I felt too hot I was also shivering. This did not make sense, especially as the shivering came from my middle, outward. At last it grew so violent that I exclaimed, involuntarily,

'I do wonder why I'm shaking like a jelly?'

'You're only reacting to the magnetized figure on the mantelpiece,' said my host, without surprise.

At this, needless to say, I looked up as if stung and there indeed was a little figure just above me which I had not noticed when I came in.

'Magnetized?' I asked puzzled, for to me the word conjured up magnets and bars of steel. But he meant something very different - that an object had been ‘stepped up' so to speak, by means of a ritual, to 'radiate a Higher Vibration'. At this my snob's blood ran cold.

And yet I had to be honest. I had reacted pretty strongly to something.

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Heywood, Rosalind

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