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One way of unravelling this statement from Spinoza is to use the analogy and say that the copies of all the software that is implemented on each physically existent thing had to come from somewhere - had an ‘external cause’ – external in this case meaning beyond the physical world.  As such all the physically existent things owe their physical and software existence to some Intelligence – a part of the master package.  Thus the functional richness of a physically existent thing is dependent on how functionally powerful the Intelligence is.

All us human beings are as functionally powerful as our Intelligence archetype or archetypes - the latter seems the most probable

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Baruch Spinoza - Ethics

things that come to be from external causes – whether they consist of many parts or a few – owe all their perfection or reality they have to the power of the external cause, and therefore their existence arises only from the perfection of their external cause and not their own perfection

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Spinoza, Baruch

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