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Dixon, Jeane - 'prophesies' future presidents



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Two observations in one.  Was it prophecy or was it inter composer communication?
Maybe even at that date, there were people in that room with whom she had formed a bridge by shaking hands for example, that had already considered what they wanted to happen.  I think she may well have been picking up plans and schemes in the perceptions of those she was with, but I have hedged my bets and put both prophecy and inter composer communication as options

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Ruth Montgomery – A Gift of Prophecy

Jeane's fame as a seeress eventually spread throughout Washington, and many started to clamor for her services. One evening while reading for guests at a charity party at the Sulgrave Club, Jeane touched the fingertips of Vice-President Harry, S. Truman and prophesied:
"You will become President through an act of God."

Another guest that evening was Eric Johnston, former president of the National Chamber of Commerce, who had once been talked about as a possible Republican presidential contender. Johnston asked Jeane whether he would receive an appointment from President Roosevelt, and after consulting her crystal ball she replied that though he would not get the governmental appointment he sought, he would accept another high post having to do with the motion picture industry.

Mr. Johnston laughed out loud, but a few months after FDR's death he was offered the presidency of the Motion Picture Association of America, a position which he held for eighteen years until his death in 1963.

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Dixon, Jeane

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