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Wolfe, Thomas - Out of body



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W Thomas Wolfe – And the Sun is Up

I had just rolled onto my back and was waiting for the oncoming slumber when I began to see a faintly pulsating light in my mind's eye . . . Shortly thereafter, an internal query was made somewhere deep within me. It was a question about whether the experience should be permitted to continue . . . The query was answered almost immediately, in the same nearly subliminal manner. The decision was to go ahead –intensify - rather than cut off the experience. All of this transpired without words.

Immediately the lights intensified and overpowered me. I could no longer quite understand the experience. The intensification was accompanied by many strange, loud sounds - discordant, but somehow not unpleasant. These were not quite understandable either.

At the same time, I felt a strong current running between the center of my head and my forehead, terminating just above my right eyebrow. This feeling was quite pleasant - almost sexual . . . After this period of initial confusion, the lights changed drastically. From a non-understandable pattern of random light, they snapped into an understandable, fixed, holographic pattern of large, luminous balls . . . My body - sense, with which my self had associated all my life, had changed into a ‘luminous-ball-sense’ in which the new environment of luminous spheres was my new body.

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Wolfe, Thomas

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