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Swann, Ingo - Out of body to Jupiter



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In order to appreciate this out of body experience you need to realise that practically nothing  was known of Jupiter at the time this experiment was undertaken in 1973, but that NASA’s Pioneer 10 was due to send back data approximately 9 months later, meaning anything the two explorers found could in part be compared.  To see the accuracy of the experience see the description I have provided of Jupiter in the science section.  Neither Swann nor Sherman had astronomer’s or science training so their descriptions are bound by their ability to describe what they saw

The other explorer was Harold Sherman

A description of the experience

From Ingo Swann – to Kiss the Earth Goodbye

The probe was held on April 27th 1973.  Sherman began his probe at 8.00 pm Central Standard Time from his home in Mountain View, Arkansas. [I] began my probe at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time from the somewhat unaesthetic experimental chamber at Stanford Research Institute.  The probes were therefore simultaneous; they ran for thirty minutes. The responses of both [us] were recorded by Dr. H. E. Puthoff and Russel Targ, reproduced the next day, and registered and deposited at several places thereafter, including with several noted astrophysicists.

Data comparisons of both subjects responses indicate that both apparently viewed approximately the same things and their descriptions of environmental conditions on Jupiter clearly indicate a similarity. Had these views differed excessively from the Pioneer 10 data, the similarity of the responses would at least have indicated a strong telepathic hook-up between the two subjects, separated by almost 2,300 miles. The descriptions of the [us both] concerning the planet's atmospheric conditions stated nothing that differed to any excessive degree from the Pioneer 10 data.

Excerpts from the responses of [us both], noted by one astrophysicist to contain more data than the capabilities of Pioneer 10 would feed back, are so similar that it is not necessary to indicate which is Sherman and which [is me].

Response no 1: Now I am projected to a point where I feel I can see Jupiter itself, a spectacle beyond description. It looks like it is bulged in the middle. It is a gaseous mass of myriad colors, yellow, red, violet, some greens, like a giant fireworks display. I see trillions of silver needles, ice crystals, and I am wondering if they are not icy cold.

The cloud covering must be miles deep. It billows and leaps with a changing vivid yellow, red, and green incandescence, as though reflecting great magnetic fires. I don't know how close Pioneer 10 is going to come to Jupiter in its bypass, but it looks like it will encounter powerful magnetic forces, winds of terrific velocity, and gaseous masses of poisonous and damaging nature.

The atmosphere seems unusually dense on some levels and extremely rarefied on others.

Now I suddenly seem to see through the clouds and catch sight of a reddish brown formation extending in a curved line as far as my mind's eye can see. There are huge volcanic peaks, great cones rising some miles. There must be water, mostly in solidified as well as vaporized form. There are powerful magnetic forces, winds of terrific velocity, and heavy gravity.

Response no 2: I think there must be an extremely large hydrogen mantle. If a space probe made contact with it, it would be maybe 80,000 miles out. I seem to be approaching at a tangent and can see part of the night side. Very high in the atmosphere there are crystals, they glitter; maybe the stripes of Jupiter are like bands of crystals, like rings of Saturn, but closer to its surface.

I bet you they will reflect radio probes. I’ll go down through the clouds. Inside those clouds layers, those layers of cold crystals. They look so beautiful from the outside, Iike glittering rainbows of many colors, but inside they look like rolling gas clouds, eerie yellow in color.

There are different thicknesses of clouds and crystals. The atmosphere is very thick in some places and there are tremendous winds. I see something that looks like a tornado. Could there be a thermal inversion here? I bet there is; I bet you the surface of Jupiter will give a very high infrared reading.

The clouds are moving very fast.

Toward the surface the horizon looks orangish or rose-colored, but overhead it is a kind of greenish yellow.

There is an enormous mountain range, maybe some 30,000 feet high, enormous peaks. Between the ranges the whole surface seems enormously flat. I get the feeling that if a man stood on those sands he would sink into them. There is a distinct feeling of liquid about everything. There must be water here, both icebergs and vapors. The magnetic pull here is exhausting and extremely strong. 

The source of the experience

Swann, Ingo

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