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Ingo Swann’s granny



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


This is an experience that Ingo Swann’s granny had, [Ingo has a separate entry of his own on the site - see sources]  which shows that the ability to have spiritual experiences was genetically inherited, although grief may also have played a part in this particular case.

A description of the experience

From Ingo Swann – to Kiss the Earth Goodbye

 When Andrew [his grandpa] died, leaving Maria [his grandma] with four growing children, she prepared to face life alone since it was unseemly for her to marry again. But one evening while she was sitting with her sorrow in the darkened living room, Andrew appeared to her and gave orders that she should quickly take another husband, since it was really foolish, considering the times, to remain alone.

She obediently permitted herself to be wooed, and. She took another husband, also named Andrew.  She chose badly, however, and the second Andrew passed on within two years.  Shortly after the funeral of the second Andrew, the first Andrew once more appeared and prevailed upon Maria to try again.

Maria felt this was going too far.  She declined and took work as a charwoman in order to support her family.

Several months passed, during which argumentation on the matter of a third matrimonial transpired between Maria and the spectre of her first husband.  Seeing that he could not convince her to take yet a third, Andrew eventually retreated upstairs, where he knocked around for several years causing the house to creak and groan through the night.

Seeking to enlarge her income, and since the upstairs had some fourteen rooms, Maria got the idea of taking in roomers.  Some of them reportedly were harassed by Andrew's ghost and quickly moved out.  This matter apparently died away gradually,  with Andrew giving up and going on to other things.  But Maria was always reluctant to go upstairs.

 When I was a child, all the upstairs rooms were empty and it was a vast, mysterious domain in which I tried to catch Andrew many times.

….The ghostly presence of the first Andrew in Maria's life was a great embarrassment to her. Of course it was never openly discussed. Only with considerable precocious childhood effort was the entire story pried out of her, and then the trunks in the second downstairs bedroom were opened and the remembrances they contained spread out all over the floor. The photographs of the first Andrew were studied deeply and meditated upon at great length in an effort to ascertain something in the glint of his eyes or his posture that might reveal why, as a ghost, he might have decided to try to guide Maria's life from the beyond. All to no avail.

But Maria's life was decidedly influenced by this paranormal event. Even if this saga was not openly discussed, she was able to nod her head in sympathetic understanding when tales from others got on the gossip lines.


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Ordinary person

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