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Suhrawardi - Book of Elucidations - A narrative and a dream



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Shihabudin Yahya Suhrawardi – Book of Elucidations [translated by Henry Corbin and Nancy Pearson

A narrative and a dream; For some time I was prey to an intense obsession.  I ceaselessly practised meditation and spiritual exercises, since the problem of knowledge assailed me with insoluble difficulties.  What they say about it in books brought me no light. 

On one particular night I experienced a dreamlike ecstasy.  Suddenly I was wrapped in gentleness; there was a blinding flash, then a very diaphanous light in the likeness of a human being.  I watched attentively and there he was; Helper of souls, Imam of wisdom, Primus Magister, whose form filled me with wonder and whose shining beauty dazzled me. 

He came toward me, greeting me so kindly that my bewilderment faded and my alarm gave way to a feeling of familiarity. 

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