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Meister Eckhart - Selected writings - Question all beliefs



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The need to question all our beliefs,  in effect purge our memories of beliefs that are erroneous,  and the existence of the Higher spirit as the 'good' in us, but the Conscious willing self as the so called 'bad'.  The Personality drives us to undertake selfish or so called 'bad' things, whereas the Higher spirit impels us to undertake 'good' things.

In a sort of generic sense therefore the Higher spirit is 'love', whereas the will and its personality the source of 'hurt'.


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Meister Eckhart selected writings – edited and translated by Oliver Davies

In created things, as I have often said before, there is no truth………..

We should know furthermore that St Jerome says, as do the masters in general, that everyone has from the very beginning of their existence a good spirit, which is an angel, and an evil spirit, which is a devil.  The good spirit counsels and ceaselessly impels us to what is good and divine, to what is virtuous, heavenly and eternal, while the evil spirit counsels us and impels us towards what is temporal and passing, to what is immoral, wicked and of the devil.

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Meister Eckhart

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