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Lincoln, Abraham - Goes to the Army of the Potomac



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Read the description first then ask yourself the question 'who, in that room, knew about the state of the army ?'

Probably only Mrs Lincoln and the 'major who had accompanied him'. 

Which of these two was most likely to want to help him but too afraid that their advice would not be heeded if it came from them directly and which of the two was herself psychically gifted and on laudanum?  Mrs Lincoln.

I think this is Mrs Lincoln speaking via  Nettie to give her husband the advice he needed but would probably only accept if he thought it came from some 'higher source'. 

Mrs Lincoln, notice, wants to go to the front too, she wants to be by her husband's side and she wants to have no interference from those who might jeopardise this venture.  An astute lady, she realises that what is needed is not a load of egotistical politicians spouting at the poor troops but a humanitarian act of empathy.

This, I am certain was a pure act of inter composer communication via the bridge of Nettie.  Extra evidence of this is the telling phrase 'nor regarding transpiring events which are known to me only, and which I have not imparted to anyone' - anyone except your wife - men divulge a great deal to their wives when they are like Mary Todd Lincoln - a great deal.

A description of the experience

Ruth Montgomery – A Gift of Prophecy

One of Nettie Colburn's "spirit controls," named Dr. Bamford, took over and told Mr. Lincoln that a very precarious situation existed at the front where General Hooker had just taken command. The voice said the army was totally demoralized, regiments were stacking their arms, refusing to obey orders, and threatening a general retreat to Washington. Everyone present seemed surprised by such talk except the President, who said to the unconscious form of Miss Colburn:

"You seem to understand the situation. Can you point out the remedy?"

The so-called Dr. Bamford replied: "Yes, if you have the courage to use it."

"Try me," Lincoln smilingly replied.

The voice told him to go in person to the front, taking his wife and children with him and leaving behind all dignitaries and all pomp. He was told to resist the pleas of high officials who would want to accompany him, and to take as few aides as possible. "Avoid high grade officers, and seek the tents of the private soldiers," the trance-like voice of Nettie instructed. "Inquire into their grievances, and show yourself to be what you are - the father of your people."

Lincoln responded quietly: "If that will do any good, it is easily done."

The "spirit control" assured him that it would unite the soldiers as one man, and that in order to curb insubordination in the Army of the Potomac he should spread the news of his impending trip to the front without delay.

After Miss Colburn emerged from trance, Laurie asked if army morale could possibly be as bad as depicted by the "control," and Lincoln replied gravely:

"It can hardly be exaggerated." Indicating the major who had accompanied him, Lincoln said: "He has just brought dispatches from the front depicting a state of affairs pretty much as our friend has shown it; and we were just having a cabinet meeting regarding the matter when something, I know not what. Induced me to leave the room and come downstairs. When I found Mrs. Lincoln in the act of coming here, I felt it might be of service for me to come; I did not know wherefore."

He added that Miss Colburn "certainly could have no knowledge of the facts communicated to me, nor of what was transpiring in my cabinet meeting prior to my joining this circle, nor of affairs at the front, nor regarding transpiring events which are known to me only, and which I have not imparted to anyone, and which have not been made public."

The next day's Gazette bore the headlines: "The President is about to visit the Army of the Potomac." The article mentioned that a gunboat was being prepared for the President, who would take his family to Fortress Monroe. He went to the front and was literally borne on the shoulders of enthusiastic soldiers. All rallied behind him, with grievances forgotten. Mrs. Lincoln confided to friends that, when her husband was besieged by congressmen and cabinet members who wanted to accompany the President and his family, she reminded him that if he was going to take the advice of spirits he should take all of it. Therefore no high-ranking officials were permitted to go along.

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Lincoln, Abraham

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