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Turvey, Vincent – The beginnings of Seership – Five distinct experimental ‘spirit’ visits out of body



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The beginnings of Seership – Vincent Turvey

On the Tuesday …. Mr. Street refers, [and] Mr. Walker, and one or two other friends had spent the evening with me. They left my house at, about 10.30 p.m.

Directly they had gone, I hurried into bed and endeavoured to follow them in the mental body, in order, if possible, to obtain an unexpected " test " which would enable us all to reply in the negative to the question, “Was anything of this in your mind at the time?"

My intention was to notice one or two things which I could not know in the ordinary way, such as the positions in which they sat, the appearance of the conductor, etc., and to tell them about it when they next visited me. The idea of "controlling" Mr. Walker was not in "Me's” brain, and must, I think, be attributed to an afterthought on the part of "I" In noticing the conductor

“I" had an experience which I do not desire to have repeated. The conductor stood in such a position that had "I” been a physical body “l" could not have passed by him without asking him to step aside. As he did not, of course, see "I" "I” was compelled to walk through half of him, and, at the same time, half of the door post. But the most extraordinary thing about this was the fact that although dead matter, such as a brick wall, does not affect either “I" or "Me" when “l" pass through it, yet in walking through the man “Me” in bed at home felt dreadfully sick, and as if my physical body had been passed through another body.

When “I" got inside the tram “I” tried to make Mr. Walker feel “I’s” presence by partly "controlling" him. He felt the “control,” but naturally shook it off as he was in a tram.

Mr. Walker has since told me that he felt the "control" sufficiently long to know that it was not one of his own "guides"; but that it was a stranger to him (as a control), who “felt quite raspy " compared to the easy or smooth way in which his guides take control of him.

On the following Tuesday, Mr. Walker admitted that some one had tried to take "control" of him, and this, too, at the exact spot where I told them “l" had boarded their tramcar.

(No. 5B.)


Jan. 9, 1906.


As regards your “spirit" leaving your body, of course I cannot say; but certainly you have told me so, and have told me what you saw. What you have told me as having been seen by your "spirit" is true I that is to say-

1. My wife was slightly "put out" at 11.30 on the day you said so.

2. I was ruling lines with a grey background on the day and at the time you mentioned.

3. Our bedroom is furnished as you say you saw it, there was something red on the bed, and I was near the door,

4. Also I did on another day, as you say, "run downstairs in a hurry and rather cross"

5. And last Tuesday we five did sit in a tram as you say you saw us, the conductor does answer the description and I did see Mr. Walker shake off an influence, but whether it was from your spirit I cannot say. This makes five distinct “spirit" visits, if they are such.

Yours truly


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Turvey, Vincent N

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