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Suhrawardi - Book of Conversations - Jabalqa, Jabarsa and Hurqalya



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The following quote is a view of the Islamic ‘cities’ as perceived by mystics – principally Sufis.  From the quote it appears that Jabalqa and Jabarsa are images of systems that are man made whilst, Hurqalya may be a palace or the location of one….

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Shihabudin Yahya Suhrawardi – Book of Conversations [translated by Henry Corbin and Nancy Pearson

As for Jabalqa, Jabarsa and Hurqalya these are the names of cities existing in the world of archetypal Images and the prophet himself was heard to pronounce these names.  However, a distinction must be made between Jabalqa and Jabarsa, which are two cities belonging to the world of the Elements of the world of archetypal Images, whereas Hurqalya, lies in the Heavens of the same world...............

When you learn from the writings of the ancient sages that there exists a world possessed of dimensions and extent, other than the pleroma of Intelligences and the world governed by the Souls of the Spheres and that in it there are cities beyond number among which the Prophet himself mentioned Jabalqa and Jabarsa, do not hasten to proclaim it a lie, for there are pilgrims of the spirit who come to see it with their own eyes and in it find their heart’s desire.  As for the rabble of imposters and false priests, they will deny what you have seen even if you bring proof to expose their lie.  Therefore, remain silent and have patience, for if you come eventually to our book of Oriental Theosophy, no doubt you will understand something of what has just been said, provided your initiator gives you guidance.  If not, be a believer in wisdom

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