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Browning, Robert - Reverie - For a veil is rent between



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Robert Browning  - from Reverie

For a veil is rent between
Me and the truth which passed
Fitful, half guessed, half-seen
Grasped at – not gained, held fast

I for my race and me
Shall apprehend life's law
In the legend of man shall see
Writ large what small I saw
In my life's tale; both agree.

As the record from youth to age
Of my own, the single soul -
So the world's wide book; one page
Deciphered explains the whole
Of our common heritage

How but from near to far
Should knowledge proceed, increase?
Try the clod ere test the star!
Bring our inside strife to peace
Ere we wage, on the outside, war!

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Browning, Robert

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