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Dixon, Jeane - Prophesies an earthquake



Type of Spiritual Experience


This has all the hallmarks of a genuine prophecy.  The time span is not so long that the composer could not have simulated the outcome for her and she was sensitive enough to be able to detect 'earth forces'  - perceptions of the earth itself.

Furthermore it was delivered as a vision.  What marks Jeane's experiences out is that inter composer communication was usually a feature of the crystal ball, whereas true prophecy was achieved via a very profound vision needing no crystal ball and completely unsolicited in its content


A description of the experience

Ruth Montgomery – A Gift of Prophecy

 …."for some reason I keep seeing a picture of the earth upturning, of houses breaking up and crashing, and of great geysers of water."

"Is it nearby?" Kay asked in alarm.

"No, it isn't," Jeane assured her friend, “I see the earth shaking, but it's somewhere up in the Canada or Alaska area. It's way up northwest from here."

Two weeks later Miss Halle read of a slight earthquake in Chile and telephoned Jeane to ask if that was what she had foreseen.

 "No," Jeane replied emphatically. “That's in the south, and you'll remember that the one I saw was in the northwest, around Canada or Alaska. It's a great deal more shattering than the one you're talking about."

On March 27th , 1964, Alaska suffered one of the most destructive earthquakes of modern times. Only four weeks had elapsed since Jeane's prediction.

The source of the experience

Dixon, Jeane

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