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Vaughan, Dr Alan – A small mishit in prophecy - Expect a killer smog on Thanksgiving Day in 1967



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I have included this to show Alan was an honest soul - reporting his failures as well as his successes - although there is an element of truth in what he prophesied, even though the scale might have been a bit exaggerated!

A description of the experience

Patterns of Prophecy – Alan Vaughan

Rather like a child with a new toy, I experimented continually with trying to make predictions for people and even prophecies of the sort that I had come to find.

If none of the mediums would make prophecies, then perhaps I could do it myself. I began writing in predictions to Dr. Barker's Premonitions Bureau, keeping careful track of the details that led to the prediction.

Just how did prophecy come into being? What were the psychological processes at work? How did it fit into the other patterns of behaviour?

These and other questions began to shift the focus of my investigation to relate prophecy to the inner workings of the mind.

My first lesson was that dramatic boners were easy to come by. One day when my landlady was talking about the London of years before when smog was a deadly menace, I had a sudden flash of memory of standing in a park in New York City on Thanksgiving Day in 1966 when eye-stinging smog covered the northeast.

"It's going to happen again!" was my immediate response.

I wrote Dr. Barker to expect a killer smog on Thanksgiving Day in 1967, a couple of months away.

Thanksgiving Day dawned (most fortunately) bright and clear. But at 1:00 in the afternoon I found myself in Belgrave Square going to an appointment. As I walked through the park-like square, I was suddenly enveloped in thick clouds of eye-smarting smoke from a pile of burning leaves.

An interesting coincidence, at least, but the smoke was certainly not smog.

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Vaughan, Dr Alan

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