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Bouissou, Madame Michael - The prophecy of the house in Guerande



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The Life of a Sensitive – Madame Michael Bouissou

I was to discover that earth and water were excellent guides for me. If a piece of earth, taken as near as possible to the walls, was brought to me without any other radiations being allowed to reach it, I could see a house and the people who inhabited it.

In this way I carried out some very interesting experiments at the request of a friend who was anxious to buy a property in the picturesque old town of Guerande. He had received two offers over which he was hesitating, because he was not particularly tempted by either of them.

One day he brought me the objects I had requested- some earth taken from the gardens and carefully wrapped up in white paper……………………

…..I ….said to my consultant: "I can see your house. It's not actually in Guerande but a few miles outside. You have to leave the main road and take a side road to the right which leads to the property between two magnificent meadows surrounded by white railings. Behind the house there is a fair-sized wood belonging to it and in this wood there is a lake."

Delighted by this unexpected vision, this easy and rapid unfolding of the images, I had not raised my eyes from my screen, but when I glanced at the man opposite me I saw a look of astonishment on his face. "How remarkable," he said. "This property actually exists and it would be my ideal and my wife's too. Unfortunately it is out of the question that it could ever belong to us. The present owners have no wish to sell, and even if they did so, the property is far too expensive for us."

I was bewildered. Everything had been so clear-cut. I had not picked up the second object, firmly convinced by the clarity and the easy flow of the images that had appeared, "The house I've just seen," I said, "will be yours." And I added spontaneously: "Your third child will be born there and will be a little girl."

He gave a wry smile; his wife already had two very young children and was not anxious for a rapid increase in her family.

As for the dream property, my consultant eventually became the owner. Its occupants, a childless couple, died within a few months of each other. It was put up for sale at a very troubled period-at the time of Munich in 1938.

There were few offers so the price was lowered, and at the next auction sale, after a few bids, my consultant bought it and was able to bring up his three children there in peace, for the little girl I had foreseen was well and truly born.

I myself was to know this house which had appeared in my vision. It became a refuge for me and my children in the exodus of June, 1940 but according to the inviolate law I had not seen anything in my vision referring to myself'.

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Bouissou, Mme Michael

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