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Ogotommeli - The Matrix and constellations



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A continuation logically of observation 002382.  This describes the system layout of an atom and by extension the Egg.  If one understands that an atom is a series of vibrational energy levels each of which hold the systems of the universe, the following then makes sense.  The cardinal directions are here used to describe where in the Egg/atom each system of the universe is to be found.

The Egg/atom is divided up into cells making up a Matrix and each system is found in a cell of the Matrix. In order to remember the allocation, each cell in the Dogon belief system was given a name, but for ease of remembering the night sky was then used as an aide memoire.  If you can remember the constellations and their position, you can remember the layout of the Egg and the Atom with all its systems.

Celestial earth is Earth.  The measurements are comparative - like the tuning frequencies on a radio, not actual measurements.

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Conversations with Ogotommeli (An Introduction to Dogon Religious ideas) – Professor Marcel Griaule

Each stairway held one kind of creature and was associated with a constellation, as follows:

  • The north stairway associated with Pleiades was for men and fishes
  • The south stairway associated with Orion’s belt, was for domestic animals
  • The east stairway, associated with Venus was for birds
  • The west stairway associated with the so called Long tailed Star was for wild animals, vegetables and insects

In fact the picture of the system was not easily or immediately grasped from Ogotommeli’s account of it.

‘When the ancestor came down from Heaven’ he said at first ‘he was standing on a square piece of heaven not a very big piece, about the size of a sleeping mat or perhaps a bit bigger’

‘How could he stand on this piece of heaven?’

‘It was a piece of celestial earth’

‘A thick piece?’

‘Yes, as thick as a house.  It was ten cubits high with stairs on each side facing the four cardinal points’

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