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Croiset, Gerard - Locating Mrs K’s wandering thirteen-year-old son Jan



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Croiset the Clairvoyant - Jack Harrison Pollack

Boy with Wanderlust

Mrs. K., a suburban Utrecht housewife who knew Professor Tenhaeff slightly, telephoned him on Friday, June 27, 1952.

"My thirteen-year-old son Jan has been missing for two days," she sobbed. "I think he ran away because of some trouble he had at school.”

Although she had already informed police officials of Jan’s disappearance, they had not turned up any clues as yet. The unhappy mother now asked the professor for Croiset's address in the hope that the paragnost might have some impressions about her son's whereabouts. Given his telephone number in Enschede, she promptly called him.

"Your son is alive and you needn't worry," Croiset quickly assured her. "He has gone off on his bicycle. He has an adventurous nature and wants to reach a harbor and find a boat. I see that he took the road to Valkenburg and will try to enter Belgium that way. Don't worry. He will return home in a couple of days. If he isn't home by Monday  (June 30), call me again and I will try to get some more impressions."

The next morning, Saturday, Jan's worried parents again telephoned Croiset. This time the sensitive assured them, “I now have a very strong impression that your son is in Belgium, but I am sure he will be back home in Utrecht on Tuesday July 1st ."

But when their missing son failed to return by Tuesday morning, Jan's frantic parents telephoned Croiset a third time.

"It's only Tuesday morning," the clairvoyant reminded them. "You'll hear something definite during the day." To put their minds at ease, Croiset added, "I would like to meet all of you in Utrecht tomorrow afternoon when I will be visiting Professor Tenhaeff."

An hour later, the Utrecht police telephoned Mr. and Mrs. K. Their son Jan, with his broken-down bicycle, had just been found safe and sound across the border near Dinant, Belgium. He was on his way to Antwerp which has a harbour and sea-going vessels. The adventurous boy had ridden approximately 165 miles before his bicycle broke down.

Just as Croiset the Clairvoyant had predicted, Jan K. was back in his home in Utrecht before Tuesday was over.

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Croiset, Gerard

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