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Turvey, Vincent – The beginnings of Seership – The pre-vision is both sentimentally painful and physically painful



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The beginnings of Seership – Vincent Turvey



I notice that in Light of August 28 you refer to an article in The Occult Review by Mr. Reginald B. Span, on the subject of pre-vision, and say that Mr. Span does not seem grateful for this gift, and you quote his reasons.

 Perhaps it may be of some interest to your readers to know that, in my case at least, the pre-vision is both sentimentally painful and physically painful; that is if the event foreseen is to be, say, a murder or an accident in which pain will be felt by the victim, for in those cases I actually "get" the pain, be it a blow or a bullet-wound.

Since March last I have enjoyed (?) a run of prophecies, Each Thursday evening I have had pictures presented to me of events about to take place : such as for instance, the Turkish rising, the Barcelona rebellion, the Spanish reverse at Mount Gu-ru-gu (only I got the word as lu-lu-lu) etc. I have signed testimony from persons present for all of these experiences, but I only submit for your inspection my two last prophecies as they bear more directly on the "pain" question.

These two concerned the revolver mystery (vide Daily Mail) and the robbery at Mappin and Webb's. In the first case a man was coming downstairs with a revolver in his hand and it went off and shot him through the head. My three witnesses say:

"Mr. Turvey said he felt as if he were shot through the head," and this on the Thursday previews to the accident.

In the next case (Mappin and Webb's robbery) the witnesses, after mentioning that I saw the big robbery, add, "and felt a blow on the head,"

Your readers will remember that the watchman was “stunned by a blow on the head." This, as the date shows, I felt on the Thursday previous to the robbery.

You asked a week or so ago why we foresee only unpleasant things. I believe the reason is that evil, being nearer "matter" than “spirit," is more ponderous in the ether, and is therefore "sensed" more easily by a Seer. I not only "see" but "feel" the density of evil, and I am pretty sure that wrong-doing has an actual spiritual weight, and thus keeps a spirit "down" and prevents its rising to realms above.

The modern investigator says: "How I wish I were clairvoyant"; but the old Seer prayed: "Lord, take away my sight".   It is nice to be able to give descriptions that cheer the mourners "left behind," but true seership does not stop at that and it is, as Mr. Span says, " a mercy that God does not open the eyes (to a full extent) of all of us." Those with a mission to perform have also a price to pay.

Yours, etc.,


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Turvey, Vincent N

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