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Gibier, Dr Paul - Psychism Analysis of Things Existing - Luminous points evinced themselves here and there on the surface of the patient's body



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PSYCHISM Analysis of Things Existing ESSAYS BY PAUL GIBIER, M. D. Director of the New York Pasteur Institute.

We had gone to see a sick man in a house in Rue Maubeuge, Paris. The patient was a professional medium, who, from a series of experiments, performed on him, was in a state of nervous prostration. He could bear neither light nor noise, and remained lying upon his bed, where he was fretting like a child.

On entering his room, at about nine in the evening, we found it almost totally dark. Suddenly, while questioning him, we saw a light upon one of his arms, which became plainly visible. The first thought that suggested itself was that a moon beam had entered the room through a half-drawn blind, but on changing our position, taking a seat between the light and the window, we found that it wrought no change in the weak radiancy projected by this lunar-seeming light. Besides, we ascertained that there was no moonlight, nor any other light, coming through the window.

Other luminous points evinced themselves here and there on the surface of the patient's body, he appearing, however, to be utterly unconscious of this phenomenon. On touching these points we felt nothing abnormal, but the light would disappear on being approached. There was no phosphoric odor from whence the light issued, and, moreover, the appearance of this little luminous cloud did not at all resemble the fumes produced in the dark by objects rubbed with phosphorus.

We have frequently been able to see in well- developed subjects, the issuing, under one form or another, of this force and its condensation in full daylight. We could not characterize its appearance better than by comparing it to the vesicular state which precedes the liquefaction of carbonic acid gas liquefied under pressure in a glass tube. Here we must say (not that we want to establish any comparison, since gas becomes heated by pressure) that when that force is produced from the bodies of subjects, one experiences, especially in summer or in a warm atmosphere, a decided sensation of coolness. It is a phenomenon which we have already mentioned in previous writings

But the mediums are not the only ones who can develop and exteriorize this force; other exteriorizing agents may exist, really do exist and are far superior to mediums. Only contrarily to the latter they allow no foreign influence to direct their "astral" body, that is to say, their exteriorizable animic force. It is their own spirit which directs it.

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Gibier, Dr Paul

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