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Davis, Andrew Jackson - Prophesies cars, planes and buses



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The Penetralia, is arranged as a series of questions and answers, and contains many of Davis’s most striking prophecies.  For a prevision of the motor-car, for example, as well as the airplane, the motor coach, the advanced passenger train,  this would seem as near as prophecy can go.  This, remember, was written in 1856.  Along with what is provided here as a quote, Davis also predicted the modern apartment house and building materials of "lithologic composition which may be readily manufactured," in other words, concrete. He also predicted portable houses.

A description of the experience

Question: to the question concerning improvements in means of transport

Answer: Yes, there is to be a great improvement in motive- forces; also a method for travelling upon dry land and through the air. . . Cars may be constructed so that no accident, nor even a collision would be dangerous to either passengers or baggage. Instead of the present gallery-looking cars, we will have spacious saloons, almost portable dwellings, moving with such speed, that perhaps there will be advertisements  - Through to California in four days!

These hotel-cars will be of beautiful architectural proportions, two stories high, with staterooms and saloons for converse, plays, parties, balls and concerts. . . . In presence of these beautiful Saloons, it will be difficult to get the cows of the year 1900 to take passage upon cars which men now consider so excellent, utilitarian and convenient.

Question:  Will utilitarianism make any discoveries in other locomotive directions?

Answer:  Yes, in the almanac language, ‘look out about these days,' for carriages and travelling saloons on country-roads - sans horses, sans steam, sans any visible motive power, moving with greater speed and safety than at present. Carriages will be moved by a strange and beautiful and simple admixture of aqueous and atmospheric gases - so easily condensed, so simply ignited, and so imparted by a machine somewhat resembling our engines, as to be entirely concealed and manageable between the forward wheels. These vehicles will prevent many embarrassments now experienced by persons living in thinly-populated territories. The first requisite for these land-locomotives will be good roads, upon which, with your engine, without your horses, you may travel with great rapidity.

Question:  What progress will men make in atmospheric navigation?

Answer:  I find only one thing necessary in order to have aerial navigation, viz.: The application of this contemplated superior motive power, which is even now in process of discovery and elimination. . . . This power will come. It will not only move the locomotive on the rail, and the carriage on the country-road, but aerial cars also, which will move through the sky from country to country; and their beautiful influence will produce a universal brotherhood of acquaintance.  ……..the fraternal principle will come into action; and harmony will be the manifestation of utilitarianism.

Question – the next question was about leisure and advances here

Answer:  ........Greater leisure through-out America, and the development of those intuitive faculties in man which are now supposed to be merely possibilities.

Question:  Will all these inventions aid the spiritual development of the race?

Answer:  Yes,  these improvements and discoveries will refresh the soul, give it leisure and prepare it for a natural voyage to post-mundane climes. A glorious period is before mankind.  It will be a kind of material heaven – a preparation for the Spiritual harmonium.. ....fall in love with the new dispensation…… have intelligent confidence in the advancement of the material world

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Davis, Andrew Jackson

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