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Turvey, Vincent – The beginnings of Seership – Reading the perceptions of A E Strickland



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The beginnings of Seership – Vincent Turvey

(No. 59.)


June 2, 1907.


I am willing to bear witness to the following facts. On February 15 of this year I called to see you. You gave me correct descriptions of four relations and friends who had passed away from Earth Life. I was astonished at the time, as I was quite a sceptic in these matters. You also said I should soon leave my residence in B. and go and live in the country, and you described a house.

It is strange that that change has actually taken place, and I now live in a country house. I may say further that, although I had the keen desire to live in the country, I saw no possibility of realizing my hope at that time.

On March 7, I called on you again, and, while discussing occult matters, you said you thought the human mind was in a way like an octopus, and had "feelers" that could suck up information and convey it to the brain You instantly gave me an illustration of your meaning by giving me a description of furniture in my house, and described the contents of a particular box. You also said my wife's chief thought at the moment was concerning a book- case. This is only too true, for on that subject she is continually talking. . . ,

In this month’s Review of Reviews (p, 533) there is an account of a new discovery scientifically made by Dr. Schofield that "hairs or tubes protrude from the nervous system." I don't think it very new, as it is exactly what you demonstrated to me months ago. On the 27th of May I again called on you, and you, to my astonishment, told me that I had been greatly upset on the previous Thursday. This was perfectly true, but I had imagined no one else knew it.

What I consider is one of the best things you told me is this : On the same day (the 27th) you said I had a big project in view, and that shortly I was going “to meet a handsome aristocrat who lives in a lovely country house”-you could also "see water connected with it"

When I arrived home in the evening, I found a letter inviting me to meet such a man, and the letter was written by a man whose gardens run down to the sea.

You made many other prophecies which, I have no doubt, will in time come true. The one concerning the trip to London to a conference seems likely within three or four weeks.

For the sake of Scientific Research, I do think these facts should be investigated, for, there is no knowing, it may lead up to know-ledge that will be of inestimable value to the human race. The knowledge you have already has been of great assistance to me and to others, and I trust you will long be spared to carry on your investigations. You may always rely on the help and sympathy of



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Turvey, Vincent N

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