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Coleridge, David Hartley - How long I sailed and never took a thought



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Go with the flow

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Bricks without Mortar – The Selected Poems of Hartley Coleridge

How long I sailed and never took a thought
To what port I was bound!  Secure as sleep
I dwelt upon the bosom of the deep
And perilous sea.  And though my ship was fraught
With rare and precious fancies, jewels brought
From fairy land, no course I cared to keep
Nor changeful wind nor tide I heeded ought
But joy’d to feel the merry billows leap
And watch the sunbeams dallying with the waves
Or haply dream what realms beneath may lie
Where the clear ocean is an emerald sky
And mermaids warble in their coral caves
Yet vainly woo me to their secret home
And sweet it were for ever so to roam

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Coleridge, David Hartley

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