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Szalay, Attila - Apporting or transporting unusual Canadian pennies



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The Mediumship of Attila von Szalay – Raymond Bayless [from Experiences of a Psychical Researcher]


A CURIOUS example of spontaneous paranormal phenomena once occurred to me which involved a mysteriously moving Canadian penny. The tale is quickly told, but in spite of its simplicity and stark brevity, its implications are great.

One afternoon in 1957 Mr. von Szalay and I walked into a leather goods store on Hollywood Boulevard, where he conducted a bit of business. While he was talking to the shop owner, I noticed a Canadian penny on a desk which I picked up to examine. It had on one side a picture of one of England's princesses and was a coin totally unknown to me. On the reverse side, it was very ordinary but displayed a short scratch across its surface. I do not remember the date, and the coin was unfortunately lost at a later date.

 I was quite interested in the coin and asked the store owner if he would consider selling it to me, but he refused, saying that he was keeping it. I was disappointed and looked at it several times where I had replaced it on the surface of the desk. His business completed, we walked out of the store, and as we left I looked back at the penny on the desk and regretted that I had not been able to purchase it.

We had gotten perhaps one hundred feet down the block when I suddenly felt something strike my elbow and then my pant leg. I looked down in surprise and found on the sidewalk by my feet the identical penny. To make sure that it was indeed the same coin I looked on the reverse side, and there was the scratch I had noticed on its surface in the leather store.

Mr. von Szalay was on my other side and was surprised when I picked up the penny and showed it to him, explaining that the last time I had seen it, it was lying on the store- keeper's desk. Without going into any more details and lengthy explanations, I will rest content in stating that there was no way that the coin could have reached me normally, and its strange transportation provided a remarkable mystery.

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Szalay, Attila von

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