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Cayce, Edgar - Aimee Dietrich



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Edgar Cayce – Joseph Millard

One day in late summer, Edgar received a long distance call from C H Dietrich, former superintendent of schools in Hopkinsville and one of the towns leading citizens.

‘Are you familiar with the case of our little daughter, Aimee, Mr. Cayce?"

Edgar said he was. Aimee Dietrich had been, and still was, a beautiful child. Three years before, at the age of two, she had suffered an attack of grippe. When it cleared up, her mind had simply stopped developing. The finest specialists in the country could offer no hope. The brain, they said, had been irreparably damaged and would never go beyond the two-year-old level.

Later, even that small intelligence began to fade away.

'A while ago," Dietrich explained, "she began to have convulsions. These have steadily increased in frequency and violence.  Doctors give us no hope at all. Then we heard of some miracles you have performed. Mr. Layne assures us that you can save her if anyone can. Will you come and see what you can do? I've already arranged with the railroad to have a paid ticket waiting for you at the station."

"I'll be on the next train," Edgar said instantly. "I don't know what I can do, but I'll try."…….

Layne was waiting for them at the house, with Mrs. Dietrich and the little girl. Aimee looked normal until one saw the vacant dullness in her eyes, the aimless movements of the pudgy hands.

"Do you want to examine her?" Dietrich asked.

"No, no," Edgar said quickly. "It wouldn't mean a thing to me. I don't know the first thing about medicine."

The Dietrichs exchanged shocked, despairing looks.

From the depths of his hypnotic sleep, however, Edgar's voice held a new ring of authority. "The trouble is in the spine. A few days before her illness, the body slipped while getting our of a carriage and struck the base of the spine on the carriage step.

This injury caused a weakness where the grippe germs could settle and cause both the mental condition and the later attacks. Now here, as we see it, is the way to remove the condition and restore the body to normal . . ."

Layne was writing furiously. The Dietrichs were staring with open mouths, an expression of dazed awe on their faces.

When Edgar awoke, he saw Mrs. Dietrich weeping, but the radiance on her face made them tears of joy. Dietrich seized his hand. "The first hope we have known in three years. I don’t know how you do it, but you've given us hope at last. Nobody could have known about the accident on the carriage step. We’d forgotten it ourselves until you reminded us."

"I'm to make some delicate spinal adjustments," Layne said.

"You told me exactly what to do and how, and you said once they were done, she would begin to return to normal."

"You're to stay and take something you called check readings," Mrs. Dietrich added, clasping and unclasping her hands.

"You said it might take several tries to get the adjustments exactly right."………

The check reading, taken the next morning, said that Layne had made only part of the adjustments properly. It gave instructions for another attempt. There was no hint of alarm in the tone of the reading. Layne tried again, with greater confidence. That afternoon, a check reading reported almost complete success, but some minor adjustments still needed correcting. Layne was proceeding with extreme caution, fearful of causing added injury.

The third check reading, the following morning, was brief.

'Adjustments have now been properly made on all points. Improvement has already begun."…………

By November Aimee Dietrich was healthy and normal.  She had practically caught up with children her physical age in every respect and was ready to start school with those her age

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Cayce, Edgar

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