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Macmillan heals a tubercular joint



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The Reluctant healer – William J Macmillan

A patient came to me with the medical diagnosis of a tubercular joint.

The doctors had advised him that nothing could be done.  I did happen to know through my brief experience in the massage school that one reason for the stringent laws against massage being administered without the direction of a qualified doctor was that rubbing a tubercular bone could certainly have the most dire results. Common sense and perhaps even decency urged me to refuse the case. My intuition said sternly that I must help the man. For a fortnight I could not make up my mind what to do. I explained in detail the problem to the patient. Finally he took the decision out of my hands. He telephoned Vera without my knowledge and booked for the course of treatments. One day when I walked into my treating-room he was ensconced upon my treating table. Muttering to myself, "All right, Heaven, it is up to you I don’t mind being put in prison for years. This wretched man in his pain hasn’t the judgement to know what is best.  Probably he will become infected from head to foot with T.B. If this is the way you want it, Heaven-this is the way it will be”.

Of course he got well.

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Macmillan, William J

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