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Blue Harary - Going out of body



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Out of body experiences - David Black

Shortly afterwards, on his birthday, around midnight – the hour he was born – Blue Harary was sitting tipped back in a chair in his room, listening to ‘Unhappy Girl’ by Jim Morrison and the Doors. To unkink his muscles, he stretched.

As he was relaxing, he felt himself dissolve into another world. He was aware of his physical body still sitting, tipped back in the chair, but his consciousness was positioned somewhere in front of it. And he had a vague sense of other beings, like the discarnate friends he’d had as a child. One of those disembodied beings said ‘You have to keep going… you have something to learn’

Images and sounds spun by him; and when he glanced up at the clock, he was back in his body, a pain in his solar plexus as though someone had slugged him in the belly with a club. He was sure only a few minutes had gone by, but it was 5 o’clock in the morning. Five hours had passed.

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Harary, Blue

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