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Farrelly, Frances - 'Kay' feels others illness



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Breakthrough to Creativity – Dr Shafica Karagulla

The following evening I was at the home of Sir David Henderson, my former chief at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Mental and Nervous Disorders. During the evening I evaded questions on the part of my two good friends Sir David and Lady Henderson regarding my new research interests. We discussed Montreal Neurological Institute, Dr. Penfield's work, and my teaching and classes in New York. I hedged about why I was in Europe, but with their keen insight, both my friends suspected that
I must have some new and engrossing field of research in mind. Presently the conversation turned to other things and Kay and Lady Henderson began talking to each other. I tried to converse with Sir David and keep one ear open in Kay's direction. I was fearful that she would betray my new interest.

Sure enough, they were talking about precognitive dreams, intuition, hunches ancl telepathy. Kay did not mention my new interest, but from time to time she looked at me with a sidelong smirk of amusement. 

On this particular occasion, Kay was using another of her Higher Sense Perception abilities which I had occasion to test later on with many well-set-up experiments. She has the happy or unhappy ability to "tune in" on an individual and feel in her own body any pain the individual feels. She has to shut this out to prevent herself suffering from other people's aches and pains.  She tuned in on Sir David that evening and got an acute pain in one knee joint. but said nothing to him about it. Later that evening at the hotel Kay asked me if Sir David had any trouble with his knees. I knew that he had arthritis in his knees which had caused him considerable pain in the past. Whether Kay was right on this particular occasion, I could not be sure. She very likely was, judging from my later experiments with her.

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Farrelly, Frances

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