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Dixon, Jeane - Meets President Roosevelt



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Who was sending her this information? we may never know

There is another observation for Jeane and Roosevelt under Roosevelt himself

One prophecy did not come true or is still to happen - 'Africa will be our next biggest worry in the foreign field' perhaps she meant the middle east......

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Ruth Montgomery – A Gift of Prophecy

The President cleared his throat and said: "I've heard of some of the things you have discussed. I've been thinking about my decisions concerning Russia. In your discussions, what have you found?"

Jeane mentally noted how carefully he refrained from using the words "readings" or "psychic." To put him at his ease, she replied: "Mr. President, I don't have to look in my crystal ball or touch your fingers to answer that. Since I was fourteen years old I have been seeing in visions that America, France, England, and Germany must be allies before we will have real world peace. Germany should be on our side, helping to conquer Russia, instead of the other way around."

War was then being waged on two fronts, and America, Britain, and France were tenuously allied with Russia against Germany and its Axis partners.

"Will we remain allies with Russia?" the President asked.

Shaking her head, Jeane said: "The visions show otherwise, but we will become allies again later on, against Red China."

The President reacted with a start. "Red China? China is not Red! We'll have no trouble with China. But I feel that we must be allied with Russia to maintain our world position and survive."

Looking intently at the pictures now forming in her crystal ball, Jeane said: "I see that China will go Communist and become our biggest trouble; Africa will be our next biggest worry in the foreign field."

The President disagreed, saying: "I don't anticipate any serious trouble with Africa, but I do with Russia. It is very important that we continue our alliance with Russia."

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Dixon, Jeane

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