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Bergson, Henri - Time and Free Will - Atoms and prophecy



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If we are made up of atoms which are in reality ‘objects’ containing function.  And each aggregate expresses only the functions that apply to that named thing, then both perception and activity in general  is actually  a process not of receiving signals but rejecting signals that are not relevant to that aggregate.


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Henri Bergson – Time and Free Will
As, moreover, the principle of the conservation of energy has been assumed to admit of no exception, there is not an atom, either in the nervous system or in the whole of the universe, whose position is not determined by the sum of the mechanical actions which the other atoms exert upon it.  And the mathematician who knew the position of the molecules or atoms of a human organism at a given moment, as well as the position and motion of all the atoms in the universe capable of influencing it, could calculate with unfailing certainty the past, present and future actions of the person to whom this organism belongs, just as one predicts an astronomical phenomenon


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Bergson, Henri

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