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Cayce, Edgar - A request for clary water



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Edgar Cayce – Joseph Millard

Layne brought him a request for a reading from a man named Andrews, a railroad director. Among the treatments advised was the use of clary water.

"What is clary water?" Layne demanded afterward, scowling at his notes. "I never heard of it and neither has the druggist."

"How would I know?" Edgar asked.

The reading was sent to NewYork. No one there had heard of clary water, either. Andrews was so convinced of the authority of Edgar's reading that he bought paid advertisements in medical and pharmaceutical trade papers, asking for information on the unknown product.

Meanwhile Layne got an idea. "Let's take another reading and ask your spirit or force or unconscious or whatever to tell us what clary water is or how it's made."

The reading was taken. The response was a completely detailed formula for the preparation. This was rushed to Andrews in New York, who immediately set a druggist to compounding the mixture. Before it could be delivered, Andrews got a response to his advertisements.

A man in Paris, France, wrote that he was not surprised to find that no one knew of clary water. It was a prescription his father had developed and marketed, but had discontinued more than fifty years before. He ended, "I am enclosing a copy of my father's original prescription so that you may have it duplicated if you wish."

The prescription enclosed was an exactly detailed copy of the one Edgar had furnished during his reading. Even Layne was awed by this further evidence of omniscience.

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Cayce, Edgar

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