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Lincoln, Abraham - Nettie draws the secret war map



Type of Spiritual Experience


No rocket science here.  Nettie was reading President Lincoln's perceptions.  What we don't know is whether he asked her - thinking her privy to some spirit advice - whether the plan was wise.  [He was after all unlikely to have asked her to the White House to draw maps for him].  Given it was his plan and his mind she was quite likely to have said yes!

It is interesting to speculate on the fact that  President Lincoln might have gone ahead with a battle plan, confident that it would work, simply because a medium reading his perceptions had judged that he thought it would work!

The bridge is between Nettie and the President this time.


A description of the experience

Ruth Montgomery – A Gift of Prophecy

During some reported seances with the Lincolns no observers were present, and therefore nothing is known of what took place. One evening, however, former Congressman Somes called on Miss Colburn to say that the President had asked that he bring her to the White House immediately.

Lincoln and two military officers were waiting when they arrived. She was in trance for one hour.

When she awakened she was holding a pencil and standing beside the President at a long table that contained a map of the Southern states.

"It is astonishing," Lincoln was saying, "how every line she has drawn conforms to the plan agreed upon." Then, noticing that she was now conscious, Lincoln said to Mrs. Lincoln and Somes: "Miss Nettie does not seem to require eyes to do anything."

On the way home from the White House that evening Somes told Miss Colburn that the President had asked him and Mrs. Lincoln to remain at the other end of the room, so that they could not see the secret war map. Somes could observe, however, that Nettie was tracing lines on the map and that one of the officers occasionally resharpened her pencil.


The testimony of Nettie

We sat quiet for a few moments before I became entranced. One hour later I became conscious of my surroundings, and was standing by a long table, upon which was a large map of the Southern States.

In my hand was a lead pencil, and the tall man, with Mr. Lincoln, was standing beside me, bending over the map, while the younger man was standing on the other side of the table, looking curiously and intently at me. Somewhat embarrassed, I glanced around to note Mrs. Lincoln quietly conversing in another part of the room. The only remarks I heard were these :

 "It is astonishing," said Mr. Lincoln, "how every line she has drawn conforms to the plan agreed upon."

"Yes," answered the older soldier, "it is very astonishing." Looking up, they both saw that I was awake, and they instantly stepped back, while Mr. Lincoln took the pencil from my hand and placed a chair for me. . . . Shortly afterwards, when about leaving, Mr. Lincoln said to us in a low voice,

 "It is best not to mention this meeting at present." Assuring him of silence upon the question, we were soon again on our way.

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Lincoln, Abraham

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